Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup

(Tom Yum Goong)

Fish sauce 3tbs.
Lime juice 3 tbs.
Hot green chili : 1-2 Whatever you want (option)
Broth 3cups.
Shrimps, 8-12, divine and butter flied.
Mushroom 1 cup sliced.
Lemon grass 1 stalk, cut into 2 length, smashed to release flavor.
Kamfur , Wild lime leaf. (option)

Heat the broth and add few pieces of lemon grass and kamfur leaves in. When the broth is boiling add shrimp, fish sauce and lime juice. Bring them to boil again add mushroom and taste the soup, adjust as you please. Add Celantro when serve.

Nov. 12, 2000